“SDG -16 Tree” planted in Dhangadhi- Rakesh Kaushal

Judge of the District Court Kailali Honorable Dhan Singh Mahara planted a sapling of Ashoka tree in the Court Premises today in Dhangadhi.

The Chief Guest of the program Honorable Judge Dhan Singh Mahara watered the Asoka Plant. The Tree was named as “SDG-16 tree” on the occasion.

Welcoming the chief guests Honorable Judge Dhan Singh Mahara and other dignitaries Executive Director of Lawyers’ National Campaign for Elimination of Caste Discrimination (LANCAU Nepal )  Mr. Prabhakar Bagchand  said, ” Polyalthia longifolia  ( Ashoka) is a lofty evergreen tree, commonly planted due to its effectiveness in alleviating noise pollution. Polyalthea is derived from a combination of Greek words meaning ‘many cures’ with reference to the medicinal properties of the tree while Longifolia, in Latin, refers to the length of its leaves” Ashoka in  Sanskrit means meaning without grief or that which gives no grief. The plantation of the sacred Asoka tree is symbolizes that Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) -16 will bring an end to grief of most marginalized section of the society”.

Speaking on the occasion President Far West Media Development Centre Mr. Umid Bagchand said, “it needs care, proper handling and nurturing for sapling to grow in to a strong healthy tree. It is through collaborative effort of Judiciary, law enforcing agencies, lawyers and civil society actors and paralegals that a healthy justice system can evolve. This tree will symbolize SDG- 16. It will be a testimony of our honest effort to achieve SDG – 16.”

Present on occasion were Paralegals of Far West, Civil Society Actors lawyers and other officials.

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